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If none of the "good" docs take insurance, how do I deal with the bad ones?

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The list of recommended psychiatrists and doctors in this forum is a terrific resource, but none of them take Medicaid, which over here in the US, is insurance for those who live below the poverty line. Absolutely can't afford to pay out of pocket. I'm stuck with psychiatrists I randomly pick from the Medicaid book, or random ones that work close to where I live. 


If others are in the same situation, what are some good strategies you have found, that can aid in tolerating the "bad" psychiatrist as much as possible?


I understand that the best strategy is never to get him or her involved in your withdrawal and keep these things to yourself. What if you have already revealed the truth to them, and it's too late to cover up? 


(I'm seeing a new psychiatrist and I have to grit my teeth to prevent myself from getting very angry and defensive... . I wanted to scream when he asked me, incredulously, "What do you mean by "intuition"?" It's greatly adding to the stress.)

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