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After updosing, what would be a good time period to wait until determining the effects?

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A lot of the problem of withdrawal and reinstatement is not knowing what's causing what. 

Now I've reinstated Sertraline after 7 months without taking it. It seems that reinstatement doesn't simply alleviate the withdrawal, but that there are onset effects of the medication (as in the first time taking it) that settle down after some time interval. 

The issue is that it's very hard to work out if symptoms are from withdrawal, or reinstatement or even underlying anxiety. And further, it's hard to work out whether a period of destabilisation is a necessary evil to get used to the reinstatement dose, or if the instability is evidence of dosing too high. 

I know that initially SSRIs build up in your blood stream, then later, neurological changes in brain function/metabolism start happening. It seems rational that this all takes time, weeks perhaps. But with ongoing effects, I find myself not knowing whether to hold steady, go down, or go up.

I'm wondering, is there an approximate amount of time that experience here has learned to wait before assessing the effects of a new dosage level?

Would be great if any mods could comment too. 

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