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Why aren't there very many success stories?

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On 2018-03-12 at 12:42 PM, mrsrebeccahall said:

I’m a success story. I took a hundred different psych meds during my 13.5 year steady stint on SSRIs. I have been off meds two years and doing great. 

Thank you for sharing!  Very happy to read your update. 

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Hi Madeline,  Thank you for posting your success story.  I guess there is hope.   Did you have insomnia?  That is my biggest problem right now and it is horrible.  I cannot function without sleep.  How long before you saw some light at the end of the tunnel?  I was on Klonopon for 7 years and Amintriptyline for 7 years both at the same time.  I do not trust doctors anymore!


Thank you

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Runnergirl ........  Sleep issues can take a while to resolve and lack of sleep seems to make everything so much harder so I understand how this can get you down. Sadly insomnia (in one form or another) seems to be part of the process. Hope you are practicing good 'sleep hygiene' ..... it helps a little.  It WILL pass ........ just try to get through it as best as you can ........ you are on your way!

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