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New York Times: Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

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29 minutes ago, GentleSteps said:

@FarmGirlWorks - Great scouting on Dollars for Docs.  While some may say that Seidman's receipt of about $4K over a few years is unremarkable or negligible in the context psychiatry's (and the medical profession's generally) systemic ties to the pharmaceutical industry, I still find it notable and worthy of note.  So thank you for the research.  Did Dollars for Docs indicate what companies or drugs he received money for?  There usually are notations specifying that information in the search results.

Here's the breakdown, GS:



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Thanks @FarmGirlWorks!

It seems the majority of his payments came from speaking engagements that aren't tied (at least in DFD's database) to specific products.  

I wish Pro Publica were able to update this database past 2015 and wonder why they stopped at 2015.  It's probably a matter of resources - it must be very time consuming and costly to gather and organize the rich fields of data that they have collected and made available.

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