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Converting mgs. to pill weight

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I have a mg. scale, and know how much one 10 mg. Paxil tablet weighs. I can easily figure how to cut it by 10%, then 10% of that dose, and so forth. But the site asks that we report our tapering progress in mg.s. How do I covert pill weight back  to mg.s?  I’m bad at math. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!

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You would use the same calculation as you used for the dose weight. For a 10% reduction:

10mgai X .9 = 9mgai

9mgai X .9 = 8.1mgai


For the weight of the actual dose, from the scale, we like to use the sufix mgpw, milligrams pill weight (i.e. 125mgpw)

For the strength of the dose we like to use the sufix mgai, milligrams active ingredient (i.e. 9mgai)


This makes it a bit easier to follow which measurement is being talked about.


Hope that helps.

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