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Hey all,

I just read this article cause I think acceptance is my biggest problem in wd. There are days where I think everything will be fine my brain just needs time to recover and then there are more days where I´m like: You are already 7 month off Paxil this is not the WD anymore it´s a sign that you are ill and everything will stay like this...this is my life now!"

These days make me feel so hopeless and I just won´t except is which makes everything even worse as you guys know.

I feel like my whole body collapse I got lots of inflammations on my joints and they won´t recover at all. I can´t do sports anymore because of this but sport was one of the few things which really helped me! So I started to meditate a bit every morning cause I know it helps and its the only thing I can do right now.

Its so hard to stay positive when you feel like a Zombie with irreparable brain damages but I guess its the only thing that makes sense while wd. Just accept a life which feels like hell :(


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Found this in a member's topic:


On 16/09/2017 at 9:34 AM, baroquep said:

Hi TheWayBack, I think when we are in withdrawal we have to let go of all of our expectations and any notion that things will progress in a rational manner has to be put aside for awhile.  The only thing we are safe to expect is the unexpected.  I've been where you are not that long ago and know what you are going through and each time I reached out to a moderator, they'd tell me the same thing ... you have to accept what is happening to you right now and not to fight it, things will eventually get better.  Finally understood that I was stressing myself out further by trying to rationalize what was happening rather than just accept what was happening.  It took many months for me to embrace acceptance, to learn to just be and not put any further stress on my already stressed out mind by trying to rationalize it away.  Thing is, by ignoring this thing called "acceptance" I now truly believe that it does hinder your progress.  Maybe try and tell yourself, yes this sucks, but maybe I'd better use all that mindful energy to treat myself with self-compassion now that I'm in this crappy situation that I'm in and try and make myself as comfortable as I can through the anxiety.   I do hope your anxiety does start calming down, know how awful that used to feel, honestly, there were days that I'd wake up feeling like doom followed me everywhere, but we get through it and I can tell you that you will honestly be stronger for it.  After the months of doom and despair, I rarely deal with anxiety anymore, so I'm alive and kicking to tell you that it does get better, we just have to stop thinking about it or we might miss it when it actually starts to happen :) 





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Thank you Chessiecat, that is a very helpful reminder again for me today.  You know the interesting fact is that accepting is a very mindful, moment by moment detail.  Accept, Accept, accepting some more!!!!!   Being kind and gentle and compassionate with ourselves. This is truth and needed!!!!  Thank you.  

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