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unmotivated and complete lack of interest

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Hi Guys,


Well, can anyone here offer any advice.

Since coming off paxil i have found myself becoming totally unmotivated, i force myself out of my bed each and everyday, my mood is pretty low as to the situation i find myself in - as sometimes i struggle to see a way out, maybe... part of that is, that ive had a very long taper and suffered wd symptoms throughout, im not sure, as this is definately not me, i am not a person to be depressed or low to be honest.

I cannot seem to drum up any interest in anything, all that dominates my thoughts is paxil, wd symptoms, how i feel and recovery, heck where did my life go??

Does all of this go away????


I slept better last night from 11 until 5.30 - wow = 6 and a half hours, and i felt so much better in myself this morning,

then the above hit, i was more than disappointed, as it feels like a step backwards.

Anyway, as i babysat my youngest grandaughter of 4months since yesterday morning, ive had to force myself to do what has been necessary, it has done me no harm,

but, i have to admit, much as i love having my grandchildren over to stay, i havent exactly felt any pleasure from it.


Maybe, im expecting too much too soon, im not sure, its stillvery early for me i know, but it would be lovely just to be able to feel again,

to feel " normal" and to feel emotions other than just negative sad ones.

Anyone else experienced this????

Just to be assured it is all "normal" for us would be lovely, i was so distressed by this, i spoke with my husband about my " need" for more medication,

MY GOD, thats something i never want to do, but i guess we all crave normality, stuck in this pit for who knows how long.

Can someone out there assure me that my line of thinking here is " normal", and no!!!!!

I definately do not want more meds, meds are the sole reason im where i am now.But it doesnt mean i have to be happy about it, or that i have to like it.

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Ok, that was yesterday, and that feeling hung around till late afternoon,

Then i started to feel " some good things " that i havent felt in a long time,

feelings for my husband, feelings for my children, my grandchildren, wow, it was wonderful.


I woke up this morning, and ( fingers crossed) although i didnt have any wd symptoms looming

over me, i felt poisoned and not very well, that hs now passed somewhat, but the good thing is,

that i can " still " feel.

is this feeling back to stay - or is only on loan for a short time once again s i g h !!!

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Hi Anjie, just enjoy the feeling :) Dont "what if". I know its hard, but I'm sure there'll be ups and downs, that's natural.

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