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Canada members, please check in here

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Still coping with severe withdrawal in GTA. So glad to find fellow Canadians here. Some naturopaths have studied meds. 

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corporations can sue our gov't... say what?  are we stupid maybe we are..... 


don't bother with the first 3 min 40 seconds it is a waste of time... 


A MacEwen will be followed by me..she said we don't need a 1600 page document to increase trade we already have most of the trade favours already....  30 more pages would have finished the deal without pharma getting another deal of the century.   


peace all 

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On 2015-03-03 at 11:06 PM, MikeThealien said:

Hello, My name is Mike and I am a 28 year old Man from Vancouver, Canada.  I am new to this site and I will be working on my profile and history soon.  I was on Escitalopram and Ativan for around 5 years.  I am now 3.5 years off of these drugs.  It has been a long road, and I still have lingering issues, but I have healed quite a bit so far. 


Looking forward to making new friends,



Hi mike, 

 glad to hear there is hope. What helped you the most getting off the drugs during the first year. When did you notice real Neuro change? 


Thanks Bc 

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On 2014-08-02 at 5:53 PM, Altostrata said:

Please post below if you live in Canada.

I am thinking that connecting our members geographically will enable

  • Face-to-face meetings or phone contacts for those of you who wish to meet
  • Support groups
  • Sharing information about doctors, clinics, compounding pharmacies, etc.
  • Organizing to educate physicians, hospitals, and university professors
  • Organizing to contact members of local and national government
  • Research by Canadian researchers

Even if you don't wish to do any of the above, if you are in Canada, please check in here.

Please also click the Follow This Topic button at the top right so you will receive notices about others posting here.


AND -- if you've haven't introduced yourself to the rest of the community yet, please go to our Introductions and Updates forum and start a topic for yourself. You can post updates to your Intro topic to track your progress.

Checking in, I live in Canada.

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Boy! Do we need this topic - i live in Toronto and there isnt a doctor here who believes us - i went from being a neurology patient to being a psychiatric one without knowing what was going on - i had to email the psychiatric advocate's office in the govt to be allowed to get a discharge from a locked psych unit. [funny how doc's are willing to believe we are all nuts]


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