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pain in the neck, the head the ears moveing around! Anny experiences?

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Hoi all!

Since weeks I do have this creazy akes and pain witch I try to describe!


It is mixture out off pain, draggind , sharp and dull pain! In the nek, the head, the ears and sometimes in the teeth as well!!

Sometimes it is permanent in the fronthead, under the eyes, than gives me sharps somewhere in the head............. Than it is oveing around in seconds all over in my head!


Yesterday for example, the pain was constant in the neck and back head......................Today neck and backhead are painfree but the pain is moveing, dragging in the left ear, the left teath the left front head and nose bone...........a sharp in the head(not even a second)a sharp in the teeth............moveing and moveing.............like flaming up for not even a second in every part of my head!!!


I did have an accident 3 month ago and got a whiplash!

In my oppinion this kind of akes started 2 or 3 weeks after that! I had similar pains before but I can not remmber exactly howe they have been, witch quality it was!!

As well I feel pain in my feet sometimes in my ankles of the hands................for a second in a finger and and and................As well I found out during the last weeks that my feet and hands have gone dead verry often¨¨¨!!

I am totaly without energy............and I dont know annymore is it WD or are this akes from the whisplash............because if I do research for whisplash they describe the symptoms and pain verry similar!

As well other symptoms I have are so similar...like I get slower and slower in my thinking and doing..........I can not remeber easy things.my cognitive behaivour is getting less every single day! I need 5 minutes to remember what have I done yesterday!! I am totally leasy.........because there is no power for nothing!!!....and depression without an end!


I really dont know is it wd is it because of the whiplash..is it both????


Is there someone with similar experiences?

YOur oppinions or experiences would be verry appriciated!!


Lovely greets



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Sorry I forgot!!

Sometimes the pain is in my legmuscles as well........just for a second to disapear come and go again!!

Ibuprofen and diclofenac do not help at all!!!

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HI Tramond,


OOhg yes i can associate so well, i have the same pain, mainly in back of head/neck/shoulder area left hand side,

also down front of legs and lower back area, the lower back pain started after my first ct attempt off Paxil, the

rest of it has flared up in my 2nd attempt at slow tapering off.


Have seen so many doctors for what its worth lol, and they all diagnose muscle pain = tension,

Personally i believe its to do with antidepressants, as it seems to be common knowledge that

serotonin gets stored in the gut area and often gets trapped in the muscles, and as wd is so

understandably stressful i can absolutely understand why we would suffer with tightness and tenseness

which would account for the many aches and pains most wd sufferers complain of.

Im sure as our bodies adapt and serotonin is created naturally that this will go away,

thats my theory anyway and my hope for a future after paxil that is pain free.

My hope for now is that it helps you realise thaT YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE, miserable and painful as it is,

but so normal for all of us unfortunately.

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Hoi Angie.we share some symptoms!

The thing is, i dont know annymore what is it from!!


My cervical vertreba is really injure because of the accident! The ostheopath said it is relly smashed in the way I got hidden!

My pain now is so strange and every minite I dont know where is it from! It is neuralgic pain...moveing through my head.............mostly in the ear right side and the eye and the headside....than it is moveing allover in and on my head! And it flares up like a little hit a slash on different places in my head!!


Sometimes my nerves seem to be so sensitiv that using my glasses is hurting!!

As well the teeth, the neck........every part of my head is involved!!!


I have had a similar experience last year....just a few weeks offf...my left face and head was aking! Druging pain in all my left part of the head and face! Ear, eye nose, teeth everything was in this neurological draging pain!! In this time I was sure it was wd related......but know I dont know annymore!!!


Could be because serotonin is verry invoved in the way we feel pain, is the reason that I do feel, have this kind of pain!!!!


Anny experiences..........would be verry appriciated!

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The last days there are new pain growing up!!


pain in my arms and hands and handankles!! Moveing like the others!!


And pain in the front of my tigh! both sides!!

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Hey Tramond,


I really seems that most of your problems stem from the withdrawl and not from the accident. I also have problems with my neck from the pills.

I somewhere read that your pains diminished for a while after the accident. I guess this would not be the case if it wasn't from wd.

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