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I have mentioned before how in withdrawal i would drive back and forth between family and friends houses ( I wold stop outside friends houses but then not enter thinking this is stupid behaviour) and  around the suburb in circles...when i got to my parents  I would pace back and forth unable to sit and talk my father would say stop pacing back and forth like a caged lion and no sooner had i arrived and i was soon  driving back to my place again.....i didnt know it at the time but i now  believe i was suffering severe akathisia...confirmed by reading this....


“He immediately became violently akathisic, unable to stay in one place, moving constantly between the houses of friends, unable to sit and have a conversation.

According to his mother, communicating with him was like ‘talking to a brick wall’. His friends reported that, immediately after taking citalopram, he became agitated, emotional, irrational, and aggressive. His brother saw him throw a mobile phone, destroying it, with trivial, if any provocation,” Lucire writes.



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Wanted to save this too


Approximately 10 percent of Americans are prescribed antidepressants...... The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reported last year that 69 percent of people taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), the most commonly prescribed antidepressant, have never been diagnosed with major depressive disorder.

Its mentioned here in this article in this thread

And here is the journal article where the stat comes from


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Question O Spreadsheet Master, (or is it Brass I should be asking?)


I did a barebones to calc the doses for a 10% X 4 week drop to compare to what someone's taper actually was so I could see where they shoud be at the end of 'X' months and see if they went faster or slower. But I had to enter the calc at the beginning of each line then it calc-ed the dose for me and so on.


Is there a way to enter the result automatically on the next line and have the sheet in essence populate itself? It is no biggie if not, it only took about a half hour to do 4 years. I looked at your sheet and I see you have sorta the same thing but as an average % drop. I want to see the actual, especially in the last year to see if it was too fast.


If you need to see my sheet I'll have to fetch it, it is not on my tablet.

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Not sure what you mean by a 10% x 4 drop ...i think i can guess what you mean...


Either way x.r^(n-1) is the answer....this is where someone should be at the nth interval. Its as simple as that.


You dont need a spreadsheet for this.

x is the start dose, r is the multiplying ratio and n is the nth term/interval.

You defn intervals however you want....but use the appropriate multiplier for that interval.

I actually had a box that would do this kind of thing in the original spreadsheet but because of size limit i omitted it.


Is there a way to enter the result automatically on the next line and have the sheet in essence populate itself? 

This is exactly what 'the works' does.

I looked at your sheet and I see you have sorta the same thing but as an average % drop.

Are you referring to box 2?? This box is totally independant of anything else and stands alone.

You should be going to table1

I want to see the actual, especially in the last year to see if it was too fast.

Trigger table 1.

Remember table 1 is set up and informed by box 1 and 3. So make sure the input is correct. Its better in this game to refer to intervals.

Months can only be calculated retrospectively.

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NZ11 and Songbird are the spread sheet wizards.  I'm just good at explaining single taper calculations one on one.


CW, you're wanting to see each months % drop to a dozen places so you can compare month to month how fast the taper was?

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If people are dropping dose by listening to their bodies rather than following the 10% x4 script it may vary greatly I am curious why you would want to look at it CW.. as in what is the point.  I once sat and figured out how long it would take me to get off 150mg of Effexor if I could go back on it...(which I could not)  it would have taken a year and half... then we did not follow the listen to your body... 


drop by less then 5% at a certain time.. or hold longer if you need to  micro taper at the end... 


as we know better we do better. 


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Been working on a Curriculum Vitae.....no not mine someone else's.

I haven't referenced but its very easy to find ..its all in the public domain.


I'm sure i have missed some but anyway this is a good window on the character and behavior of this company.


 Curriculum Vitae – GSKs’

Includes but is not limited to:


  • 1992 GSK got Paroxetine/paxil/seroxat approved for adults for depression, 1999 approved for social anxiety disorder (SAD), 2001 approved for PTSD and GAD.

How did GSK manage to do this?


Consider these two factors that may have played a part :

  1. Refer Breggin’s legal brief in the 2002 case Nguyen & Farber vs SKB. (Freely available if one has not yet read it then one should it is a MUST READ!!).

Clause 29. Collusion between the FDA officials and GSK (formerly SKB) on hiding suicide data. The FDA pointed them to how Eli Lilly did it with Prozac and if they followed the Lilly method “all would be ok.”…(…).. “Instead of being a critical watchdog for the public welfare the FDA simply went into the applicant’s camp and acted as SKB’s intermediary to maneuver paxils application into safer waters for the drug company.”

Clause 27. Breggin talks about how GSK in the paroxetine adult trials used the word ‘relapse’ to describe and hide what was really ‘withdrawal’ and as such the trials were “a massive and cruel hoax.”


2. The marketing machine.


Consider this:

Investigator :James Ballenger (JB), David Dunner (DD), Robert Hirschfield (RH), Michael Liebowitz (ML), Jonathon Davidson (JD),


On the DSM-IV Work Group: JB -Anxiety, DB-Mood disorders, RH-Personality disorders, ML-Anxiety, JD-Anxiety


At the SmithKline advisory Meeting in 1993:  Everyone except JD


Authored an article on the safety and efficacy of paroxetine, JB-For panic disorder/GAD, DB- For depression, ML-For social anxiety disorders,JD- For PTSD/GAD


Consultant or advisor to GSK or on Speakers Bureau: Everyone!


(This was in table form but when i posted the table collapsed so i have redone it hopefully you can follow it.)


Investigator conflicts of interest extend beyond this.


Here is one example from the link

  • One of the advisory board members of ADAA is Michael R. Liebowitz Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the College of Physician and Surgeons at Columbia University and director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic of the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He has hefty ties to the pharmaceutical industryand has served as a consultant for Forest, Wyeth, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Roche, UCB, GSK, Pherin, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Solvay. Speakers’ Bureau for Pfizer, Wyeth, Forest, and Solvay; and he has received research grants from Novartis, Wyeth, Lilly, UCB, GSK, Forest, and Cephalon.
    • Liebowitz was on the DSM-III-R advisory panel charged with updating the entry on social phobia, the definition of which was loosened in the 1987 revision. In light of additional analysis, he explained, the committee decided to include a generalized subtype of the condition.

All the above investigators pushed paroxetine as a ‘first-line therapy.’


Once all four diagnosis were approved a massive marketing campaign kicked in to sell the diseases. Medical journals were flooded with ghostwritten papers and GSK hired academics and community psychiatrists to serve on its Speakers’ Bureau.


In the UK GSK hired ‘The Medicine Group‘ to ghostwrite papers. In the United States GSK hired ‘Scientific Therapeutics Information to ghostwrite articles.


GSK created a speakers bureau called ‘Psychnet’ and hired “key influential psychiatrists and primary physicians” paying them an honorarium, “based on the speaker delivering a promotional paroxetine presentation.” One of 65 examples was Charles Nemeroff; From 2000-2004, GSK paid Charles Nemeroff, Chair of the Psychiatry Department at Emory University, $849,413 for his speaking services. ($2,500+ per talk and $5,000+ for attending paroxetine advisory board meetings).

[Lets say he had 2 advisory board meetings a year for the 5 years that leaves $800,000 and divided by 2500 gives 320 talks or 64 talks a year thats basically 1.25 talks per week for 5 years. I wonder if the University where getting value for money from their employee cause that is one heck of a work distraction].


(Note:  2013 paroxetine approved for ‘hot flushes’ due to menopause.)


  • 1994 Study 329 trials by GSK began on paroxetine for children.


  • Sept/Oct 1995, Report by Nicholas Regush: Imitrex, a popular new drug for treating migraines, has been associated with hundreds of life-threatening problems and deaths. So why do the FDA and Glaxo, the drug’s manufacturer, both claim that it’s safe?


  • 11 June 2001, David Healy raises the alarm that thousands of people in the UK could be hooked on paroxetine without knowing it. More than half the people on paroxetine may have “significant “ withdrawal problems. Healy was given access to GSK’s archives because he was an expert witness in the Schell case. He saw records of trials where healthy volunteers were suffering withdrawal symptoms after taking the drug for just couple of weeks.


July 2001 — The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) publishes Keller et al article "Efficacy of Paroxetine in the Treatment of Adolescent Major Depression, A Randomized Controlled Trial" Despite 1998 Study 377 finding that paroxetine less effective and safe than placebo for adolescents. Despite Study 701 showing Paroxetine to be ineffective. And despite the 2000 Healy Volunteer study showing SSRI suicidality was caused by the drugs, not underlying depression.

10 July 2001. Tobin is first lawsuit where jury decides that paroxetine (paxil) is the cause of violence and suicide, awards $6.4M in respect of Donald Schell murder /suicide. In the wake of this verdict GSK acknowledges that paroxetine can cause increased risk of suicide. But insists the warning soon after the Schell verdict has nothing to do with the litigation. David Healy is far from satisfied with the wording in the GSK warning saying, “The person taking the drug is left thinking he or she has a problem, rather than that the pill caused them the problem.”


August 2001. GSK (Smithkline Beecham) paroxetine product management wrote to all sales reps selling paroxetine and telling them about Kellers “cutting edge landmark study [329] which was the first to compare efficacy of an SSRI and a TCA with placebo in the treatment of major depression in adolescents. Paroxetine demonstrates REMARKABLE Efficacy and Safety in the treatment of adolescent depression.”


  • 2002, German prosecutors investigate the offer of perks, such as free World Cup and Formula One trips, to thousands of German doctors by British pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Munich’s chief prosecutor Manfred Wick said GSK offered money, free trips and other benefits to about 4,000 hospital doctors, and that there were suspicions of bribery and tax evasion. The accusations cover the period from 1997 to 1999, the company said in a statement. The prosecutor said cash sums ranged from 50 to 25,000 euros (£30 to £15,400).

The prosecutor’s office in the Bavarian capital Munich said in a statement it had uncovered evidence of 5,900 instances where SmithKline Beecham had illicitly paid for doctors to take business and training trips.


2002 GSK resolved litigation regarding adults harmed on paroxetine/paxil; The paroxetine/Paxil withdrawal suit was brought in San Jose, California on August 19, 2000 as a "Complaint for Injunctive Relief Under Business and Professions Code" (Nguyen & Farber, plaintiffs vs. SmithKline Beecham Corporation, Case No: CV791998). The suit charged that Paxil causes serious withdrawal problems of many kinds, resulting in a widespread societal problem when many individuals find themselves unable to stop taking the drug.  A California lawsuit against Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) charged the drug company with failing to warn the public about the dangers of Paxil withdrawal.  Glaxo SmithKline (GSK), the manufacturer of the antidepressant Paxil, resolved the suit in January 2002.  The results of the resolution, including any settlement by defendant Glaxo SmithKline, were not announced.  The outcome was described as a resolution rather than a settlement.  Psychiatrist Peter Breggin, M.D. was the plaintiff's medical expert and worked closely with the attorneys in formulating the suit.  According to Dr. Breggin, there is published and clinical evidence that all of the SSRIs can cause serious withdrawal reactions.  Breggins legal brief/court deposition is jaw droppingly damning in respect of the paroxetine adult trials; 21. “a sham”, 27. “trial results were a massive and cruel hoax”.


30 June 2002, British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline has finally admitted that thousands of babies  were inoculated with a batch of toxic whooping cough vaccines in the 1970s.

Some experts believe that these Trivax vaccines – which had not passed critical company safety tests – may have caused permanent brain damage and even fatalities in young children. In 1992, the family of an Irish boy, Kenneth Best, who suffered brain damage from one of these toxic vaccines, was awarded £2.7 million in compensation by the Irish Supreme Court.

Despite a long and fierce battle with the drug giant, the boy’s family finally won this historic case after his mother Margaret made a startling find when sifting through tens of thousands of company documents. She discovered that the Trivax vaccine used on her son, from a batch numbered 3,741, had been released by the company despite it having failed to pass a critical safety test. Documents revealed that the 60,000 individual doses within this batch were known to be 14 times more potent than normal. At the time the Irish judge accused GlaxoSmithKline – then known as Glaxo Wellcome – of negligence and attacked the company’s poor quality control at its Kent laboratory. Immunology experts condemned Glaxo in court for what one US scientist described as an ‘extraordinary event’. A spokesman for GlaxoSmithKline told The Observer: ‘We do not accept that these batches were harmful.’


July 2002, The Guardian reveals that paroxetine tops the league for complaints of side effects made by doctors to the governments committee on the safety of medicines under the yellow card scheme. The watchdog group complained about the wording on the paroxetine PIL. It states that “these tablets are not addictive “and that withdrawal problems “are not common and not a sign of addiction”. Now refer 11 May 2003.


13 October 2002, Panorama claims paroxetine is addictive at the very time GSK is attempting to have it licensed for use by children in America. Panorama BBC went on to do an unprecedented four programmes on the paroxetine scandal.   ‘Secrets of Seroxat’ (Part 1 & 2), ‘Taken on trust’ -[A must watch], and ‘Secrets of the drug trials.’


  • 2003, GSKs 1994 drug for seizures, lamotrigine, is approved by the FDA for bipolar I disorder. However it’s ‘the same old same old’ negative studies were data dredged and made into positive studies and 5 negative studies went unpublished. Nassir Ghaemi a professor of psychiatry at Tufts University concluded lamotrigine is not effective in acute mania, rapid cycling disorder, and acute bipolar depression.  This info was disclosed as a result of the lawsuit, New York State vs GSK in respect of paroxetine fraud.


11 May 2003, GSK drops the paroxetine wording that it is “not addictive” on its patient leaflets. This was done due to the enormous complaints from viewers of BBC Ones Panorama programme who complain of severe withdrawal symptoms and say they have been unable to stop taking the drug.


25 June 2003, GSK quietly revise prescribing instructions for paroxetine. The company upwardly revises its 2002 estimate of the risk of withdrawal from 0.2% to 25%. i.e. from 1 in 500 to 1 in 4.

[Note: Glenmullen’s (2005) independent research would later report, "In studies involving hundreds of patients, 66 % of patients stopping Paxil/paroxetine, have withdrawal reactions."]


  • 2004, The Attorney General of New York State (Eliot Spitzer) successfully sued (2.3 million settlement) GSK for repeated and persistent consumer fraud in relation to concealing harms of paroxetine, basically GSK lied, and GSK was required as part of a legal settlement to make the individual patient level data from that trial available. How many get out of jail free cards does Glaxo get? In that case, Mr Spitzer estimated that by suppressing the studies showing that Paxil was not effective with children and that it may cause them to commit suicide, Glaxo made $55 million off prescriptions written for children in 2002 alone. Clearly crime pays.


  • April 2005; A class action antitrust case filed against Glaxo, on behalf of consumers and third party payers, who paid all or part of the purchase price of Paxil, was settled on April 22, 2005 for $65 million. In that case, the plaintiff’s alleged that they were forced to pay too much for Paxil because Glaxo unlawfully maintained a monopoly and excluded competition by (1) conducting sham patent infringement litigation against generic Paxil makers which triggered automatic 30 month stays of generic competition; (2) made intentional misrepresentations to the Patent and Trademark Office; and (3) made intentional misrepresentations to the FDA which enabled Glaxo to exclude generic competition. However, although Glaxo doled out $65 million, it refused to admit guilt.


2005, Class action case against Glaxo settled in 2005, In re: Paxil Products Liability Litigation, MDL No 1574, CD Calif, the plaintiffs were forever silenced by a strict confidentiality clause incorporated into the settlement agreement. The lawsuit's complaint, dated August 23, 2001, has a settlement agreement with a secrecy clause that states in relevant part: Plaintiffs and their attorneys, "will not make any statements, either directly or indirectly, by implication or innuendo, to anyone, including but not limited to consultants, experts, the press or media, concerning the amount or other terms of such settlement or settlements, or the nature and substance of settlement negotiations, or describing or characterizing the settlement in any way." 


The clause even extends to the internet specifically in that plaintiffs and attorneys "will not maintain and instead will discontinue any website references to Paxil discontinuation or withdrawal." And, it says, they "agree to refrain from any future internet postings regarding Paxil discontinuation or withdrawal."


Paragraph 5 of the lawsuit's complaint says that over a 2 year period, "plaintiffs' attorneys have been individually contacted by approximately 500 Paxil withdrawal victims." And, the pain and suffering experienced by each individual is the direct result of Glaxo's "failure to warn users of Paxil's addictive nature, the drug's inducement of physical or psychologic dependency, and its infliction of dependency/ withdrawal syndrome when the patient's Paxil dosage is reduced or terminated," the complaint states.


A GSK internal memo kept hidden with a protective order, states: "Discontinuation: why this is an issue," followed by, "'97 Seroxat/Paxil sales to end Sept already exceed $1 Billion".


Nov 2005, The Irish equivalent of the FDA, the Irish Medicines Board, recently banned GlaxoSmithKline from claiming in their patient information leaflets that paroxetine (Paxil) corrects a chemical imbalance. Sadly the FDA has never taken any similar action on this issue.

2005, GSK’s Paroxetine/paxil/ Seroxat Tops Adverse Events From 1998-2005

“……As for adverse events as a whole, several psych meds had more than 500 adverse events reports between 1998 and 2005. In order and using brand names: Paxil/paroxetine–8,945, Clozaril–7,665, Zyprexa–4,110, Effexor/venlafaxine–4,049, Zoloft–3,781, Neurontin–3,215, Risperidone–3,035, Lamictal–2,317, Depakote–2,158, Tegretol–1,944, Cymbalta–1,053…”

  • 2005-2006; Avandia debacle: “..The most likely explanation: the leadership of the division of the FDA responsible for drug regulation, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), is seeking to avoid accountability for its role in the Avandia tragedy. In 2005 and 2006, GSK secretly conducted an analysis of the cardiovascular safety of Avandia and concluded that the drug increased the risk of heart attacks and related events by about 30%. This observation had grave implications: two thirds of diabetics, the intended recipients of the drug, eventually die of cardiovascular complications. Initially, GSK withheld the internal analysis from the FDA, but in 2006, the company informed CDER of the findings. FDA statisticians confirmed the risks, but, incredibly, CDER and GSK agreed privately to conceal this hazard from patients and practitioners…”


  • In 2006, Keller lead author in the paroxetine Study 329, publicly acknowledged that GSK had given him tens of thousands of dollars during and after the time the Study 329 was conducted. Keller did not respond to multiple requests for comment.


June 2006, Petition presented to the House of Commons by Stewart Hosie MP. Declares there is deep concern about the side effects that many people believe that they have suffered from being prescribed paroxetine. Calls for immediate action and a moratorium on prescribing paroxetine to new patients.


11 Sept 2006; Glaxo announced that it has settled its tax dispute with the US Internal Revenue Service, in a statement to the London Stock Exchange. “This settlement resolves all the issues which were in dispute in this case,” the company said. “Under the agreement,” Glaxo stated, “the final net cash cost to GSK will be approximately 3.1 billion dollars which covers federal, state and local taxes, interest and also the benefit of tax relief on the payments made.” According to Glaxo, the settlement covered the dispute for the years between 1989 and 2000, which was set to go to trial in February 2007, and also covers the subsequent years of 2001 to 2005. At the end of the statement, came the customary denial of wrongdoing. For its part, the IRS said that Glaxo will pay $3.4 billion all total, once interest is included, making it the largest single payment ever to resolve a US tax dispute.


1 Nov 2006; The Associated Press reported that GSK had agreed to pay $63.8 million to settle a class action lawsuit with allegations that GSK promoted Paxil/paroxetine for use with children and adolescents while withholding negative information about the drug’s safety and effectiveness.


9 Nov 2006; GSK was busted for another overcharging racket across the globe. The Comet reported that “BRITAIN’S largest drugs company is facing a bitter pill in the form of a bill from Whitehall that could be for over 1 billion.” “An independent report on behalf of the Department of Health has revealed that GlaxoSmithKline,” the Comet said, “may have over-charged the NHS by a staggering 280 million a year for at least five years.”


  • March 2007 GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Ribena, fined $217,500 in New Zealand after admitting it mislead customers about the vitamin C content of the blackcurrant drink. The company appeared in Auckland District Court to face charges alleging 15 breaches of the Fair Trading Act. It admitted that its cartoned Ready To Drink Ribena, which it claimed had 7mg of Vitamin C per 100ml, in fact had no detectable Vitamin C content. The company also admitted it may have misled customers in advertisements saying the blackcurrants in Ribena syrup had four times the Vitamin C of oranges. The charges, brought by the Commerce Commission, arose from an investigation by Pakuranga College students into the vitamin C levels of the popular Ribena drink, which had sales of about $8 million a year.


  • 2009 GSK Spent $900 million on lawyers.

2009, GSK Experimental breast cancer drug unethically tested on Indian women. Tjalling van der Schors, hospital pharmacist and member of a Dutch medical ethics committee, is critical of the trial, saying it would never have been passed by a Dutch ethics committee. GSK have ‘taken advantage‘of vulnerable people.


2009/2010, GSK refused to supply governments with Pandemix vaccines unless first granted total immunity from liability. Fast forward 2015 GSK now bills UK government $92 million to compensate victims who were brain-damaged by its own vaccine for swine flu. Many suffering narcolepsy.


August 2009; Once used (but has now abandoned) a ghost-writing program, titled “Casper” to help friendly doctors write trivial studies that showed its drugs in a positive light. CBS news.


September 2009, GSK on trial in Philadelphia. GSK buried negative studies linking paroxetine to birth defects. This was to be the first in more than 600 cases alleging GSK knew paroxetine caused birth defects and hid those risks to pump up profits.

Oct 2009, GSK – paroxetine, guilty of causing heart defects in a three year old child, family awarded 2.5 million.


  • Feb 2010, GSK: Poligrip denture zinc ingredients ‘to be removed amid health fears for pensioners’ (2010 Article From The Telegraph)May 2010: GSK In Developing Countries: GSK Horlicks India Milk Food Workers Protest Against Condtions 

14 July 2010; “….The makers of two of Britain’s best-selling soft drinks, Lucozade (GSK) and Irn-Bru, have been forced to warn parents that the drinks may cause hyperactivity. A newly introduced EU law compels both drinks to display a warning that they contain artificial colours linked to behavioural problems in young children.”


Oct 2010, GlaxoSmithKline, the British drug giant, agreed to pay $750 million (Justice Department officials announced the settlement in a news conference $150 million payment to settle criminal charges was the largest such payment ever by a manufacturer of adulterated drugs. $600 million in civil penalties. The share to the whistle-blower will be $96 million, one of the highest such awards in a health care fraud case.) to settle criminal and civil complaints that the company for years knowingly sold contaminated baby ointment and an ineffective antidepressant — the latest in a growing number of whistle-blower lawsuits that drug makers have settled with multimillion-dollar fines. Altogether, GlaxoSmithKline sold 20 drugs with questionable safety that were made at a huge plant in Puerto Rico that for years was rife with contamination. Altogether, GlaxoSmithKline sold 20 drugs with questionable safety that were made at a huge plant in Puerto Rico that for years was rife with contamination.  GlaxoSmithKline announced in July that it was setting aside $2.4 billion for legal costs, including enough to pay for the investigation into its Puerto Rico problems. This was GlaxoSmithKline’s premier manufacturing facility, producing $5.5 billion of product each year. But the quality control was a mess: the water system was contaminated; the air system allowed for cross-contamination between products; the warehouse was so overcrowded that rented vans were used for storage; the plant could not ensure the sterility of intravenous drugs for cancer; and pills of differing strengths were sometimes mixed in the same bottles.

  • 2011, GSK CEO Andrew Witty refused to meet The Seroxat/Paroxetine User Group. The meeting was an attempt to ask Witty for help on behalf of the thousands of patients suffering severe withdrawal problems at the hands of his company’s antidepressant paroxetine. Janice Simmons, who operates the Seroxat User Group, had amassed over 60,000 emails from Seroxat patients, most of them are struggling to get off Seroxat. GSK’s UK medical director Dr Pim Kon wrote back to Janice informing her that they (GSK) was not allowed to discuss personal matters with patients and that they should ‘talk to their doctor.‘ See 2016 for their upcoming day in court.

Nov 2011, GSK accused of exploiting Third world countries poor as guinea pigs for drugs trials. –Cervarix in India. On the death of his daughter who participated in the trial, “Nobody came to ask us for permission,” said Sarita’s father, a farmer, sitting outside his thatched hut in the village of Anjipakka, as he remembered his daughter, who died in January 2010. “She enjoyed the hostel. She was a bright student and took part in all the social activities. She was intelligent. She wanted to become a doctor.”

  • 2012, GSK fined 3 billion. Paroxetine now has a 3 billion fine attached to it. GSK agrees to pay $US 3 billion, the largest settlement in history, for criminal and civil damages claimed in a U.S. Dept of Justice lawsuit. “..You would think that any company that has paid $3 billion in fines and penalties for fraudulent actions would take all steps possible not to engage in bribery and corruption. Indeed as part of the settlement GSK agreed to a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)…” However considering the behavior over the next few years one would wonder why they bothered.

Nov. 2012 BBC, GSK In Developing Countries: Have India’s Poor Become Human Guinea Pigs?  Lawyers are now looking at whether there is a case to answer in the UK. Satnam Singh Bains, a British barrister in Indore, is looking into a couple of cases. A recently published report by the Indian Parliamentary Committee on Health and Family Welfare that looks into what is happening around the country is damning.  “Still worse,” the report says, “there is adequate documentary evidence to come to the conclusion that many opinions [during the drug trials] were actually written by the invisible hand of drug manufacturers and experts [the doctors] merely obliged by putting their signatures.” “I went to the market to buy them but couldn’t,” he remembers. “I was told they were only available from the hospital and only then did I realise he was on a trial drug. I feel very bad that my dad died because of those medicines.” On the trial documents, it says that the British company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) are the sponsors of the drug, are responsible for the trial and are the investigators of the drug.

  • Jan 2013, GSK accused of conducting illegal vaccine trials on Indian girls. The programme to vaccinate 14,000 adolescent girls from poor families ran into trouble after seven died soon after their vaccinations. An Indian parliamentary committee set up to probe the issue concluded the Path project was a clinical trial in all but name and that the organisation had used “subterfuge” to avoid the “arduous and strictly regulated process” of such a trial. “The safety and rights of the children in this vaccination project were highly compromised and violated”.

Feb 2013, GlaxoSmithKline told to set up charity for thousands of Australians left crippled by X-ray Myodil dye which has caused immeasurable pain and damage to tens of thousands of people for decades.  


2013, GSK were named as one of RepRisk’s most controversial companies in 2013. Topped the list of repeat offenders with total criminal and civil penalties of $7.56 billion since 1991.


18 Dec 2013 BMJ Sidney Wolfe. ”These escalating patterns of repeated criminal violations and civil settlements to resolve serious allegations of civil lawlessness hardly bespeak corporate integrity for GSK. We are forced to conclude that neither the current level of penalties nor corporate integrity agreements are effective and that there is a pathological lack of corporate integrity.”

  • April 2013 the UK office of Fair Trading accused GSK of violating the competition law by paying rivals to put off releasing similar products such as paroxetine and Wellbutrin.

 June 2013; The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug "Brisdelle" (paroxetine) for the treatment of hot flashes due to menopause. !?!?

  • 1 April 2014 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that a drug ingredient manufactured at a GlaxoSmithKline Plc plant in Ireland was contaminated and said the company did not take sufficient action to resolve the problems. GSK said the ingredient was paroxetine, used to make its antidepressant drugs Paxil and Seroxat. The news comes just days after GSK said it was recalling all supplies of its over-the-counter weight-loss drug in the United States and Puerto Rico, after concerns that bottles had been tampered with.

May 2014 UK serious Fraud office and US Department of justice announce they have opened separate investigations against GSK.

Sept 2014. GSK fined $489 million for paying over $500 million worth of bribes in China. GSK used a network of more than 700 middlemen and travel agencies to bribe doctors and lawyers with cash and sexual favours. Employees were told to lie to investigators. "There is always a big boss in criminal organisations, and in this case GSK is the big boss.”

Sept 2014, GlaxoSmithKline will not restart production at a vaccine plant in Belgium until an independent investigation determines how liquid contaminated with polio virus was released into the local sewage system. The liquid was released during vaccine production.


2014 GSK under investigation for bribery in Iraq, Jordan, Poland and Lebanon.


  • 16 Sept 2015, BMJ finds paroxetine unsafe and ineffective. International team revealed that GSK committed fraud, hid side effects in paroxetine’s ghostwritten Study 329. They literally smashed all ethics to smithereens.

Study329Restored is published. Jureidini and team have reanalyzed the data from the original study by Keller et al. “What they have found is that the fraud and corruption in the Keller article is far worse than anyone ever expected,” McHenry, who has worked closely with Jureidini, said. Specifically, the paper is far worse in terms of safety and efficacy, he added.

Here’s how GSK used scientific misconduct in the 329 Study to hide the reporting of harms as discovered by the ‘Study 329 Restored’ team:

Use of idiosyncratic coding system

Failure to transcribe all and adverse events from clinical record to an adverse event database

Filtering data on adverse events through statistical techniques

Restriction of reporting to events that occurred above a given frequency in any one group, Coding event under different headings for different patients (dilation),

Grouping of adverse events,

 Insufficient consideration of severity,

Coding of relatedness to studied medication

Masking effects of concommit drugs,

Ignoring effects of drug withdrawal.


 It took ten years of frustrating the process for GSK to produce trial data as per 2004 settlement. 2015 Healy points the inferring finger at GSK, for being behind the public fall from grace of Spitzer. Revenge for 2004. Does this sound a ridiculous accusation? Not in the light of the sexual revelations in China revealed in the 2014 fine.


29 July 15, GSK under investigation for bribery in Romania.


Aug. 2015, GSK is recalling 3.9 million tubes–made up of different varieties of Biotene and Sensodyne toothpaste, from the U.S., Puerto Rico and Taiwan. According to the FDA‘s most recent Enforcement Report, “fragments of wood were found when the product was extruded onto a toothbrush.” The toothpaste was actually manufactured for GSK by Oratech, a Utah-based contractor.


18 Sept 2015, Class Action suit to be taken against the manufacturers of paroxetine, GSK, in Australia. See Drayton Sher Lawyers Press Release.



4 Feb 2016, refer Seroxat/paroxetine users group 2011 details.

Judgement was given with regard to the on-going seroxat (paroxetine) litigation in the UK. Defendants, GSK sought an order that would have had the effect of bringing these proceedings to a permanent halt. In arriving at his conclusion to not grant GSK their order, Mr Justice Foskett said…”The Defendant is anxious (it might be said, over anxious) to stop this litigation in its tracks…”



25 May 2016, Bailey Peavy Bailey Cowan Heckaman Files Lawsuits Over Paxil/paroxetine GlaxoSmithKline, plc (GSK) developed and marketed Paxil/paroxetine  and has been litigating for more than a decade against cases brought on behalf of children born with congenital birth defects allegedly linked to Paroxetine exposure during pregnancy.  In 2005, at FDA's request, GSK revised the Paroxetine  pregnancy warning to include a statement that Paroxetine use during pregnancy may increase the risk of fetal harm.  Paroxetine  is the only antidepressant to include this warning.


Adam Peavy, lead counsel for the plaintiffs, says, "These are the first of what we believe will be many cases that will be filed against GSK on behalf of children with autism spectrum disorder."


The alarming increase in the number of ASD cases has imposed a tremendous economic cost upon the nation, local school districts and families.  The CDC estimates that the total economic cost per year for children with ASD ranges from $11.5 billion - $60.9 billion (2011 US dollars). 


Mario D'Angelo, co-counsel for plaintiffs, says, "Taxpayers and local school districts should not have to bear the burden of providing services for those injured by GSK's negligence. We are investigating what legal remedies our clients' local school districts may have to recover these costs from GSK."


The number of reported autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cases in the United States has skyrocketed by more than 750% since 1998.  The ASD epidemic has coincided with the explosive increase in the use antidepressants during pregnancy.


The number of women of childbearing age taking antidepressants increased 400% between 1994 and 2008. Since 2011, epidemiological studies have reported an increased risk of ASD in children of mothers who took antidepressants like paroxetine  during pregnancy.




……………………………One thing is for sure …this is not The END! …………………………………..



Question: Is GSK a criminal company ?

Answer: What do you think?                                                                                                                                              


Question: If this CV belonged to an individual, would you employ them?

Oh just one more question: Would you swallow anything manufactured or proclaimed by this company?

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It is mind boggling isn't it... and it just keeps going. I have no words I haven't in a long time.. it makes no sense. 

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btdt do you know how on earth this company can still be allowed to operate?

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lol ..Sounds like you have finally obtained your Works drivers license.

I knew you were big enough, something enough and clever enough to do it.

Congratulation$ !


Download stats

CC     1  download

CW  30  downloads

Total: 31 downloads 


A link for you...google knows everything ...you just have to ask.



Alice, "But i don't want to go among mad people"

Cheshire cat " Oh you cant help it we're all mad here."


Medical research has made such huge advances that there are hardly any healthy people left. Aldous Huxley.

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Bravo NZ.

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Hmmm, wondered about the spelling of this and then I realized (after the fact) it was a set up for the link. Nz, yer waaaaayyyyy craftier than I   :P



CW  30  downloads


Oh come on now, I only needed it once (but I have it saved on all my devices and it's in my dropbox) and you can't count all the scenarios I have been running on some of the posters here (and have sent to a few)........



Alice, "But i don't want to go among mad people"

Cheshire cat " Oh you cant help it we're all mad here."


{{{snicker}}} you dog you!



Medical research has made such huge advances that there are hardly any healthy people left. Aldous Huxley.


How come I can never make up cool quotes like that and be all over the internet too?


"Now back to your regularly scheduled reports on pharma chicanery with comments by our very own nz11, Aust New Zealand's foremost critic of the Pharmaceutical industry and especially GSK".   <----------- (in my best announcer voice)

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One of my sons (I have 3) has just been diagnosed with a severe learning difficulty and possible ASD. The other two are 'normal'. Guess which one I was taking fluoxetine all through my pregnancy with.

I don't even know what to do with this information. (Heart is breaking).

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Sorry if that was wrong to mention on your thread ^.Your info on taking ADs whilst pregnant got me thinking. 

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No problem Andalusian,

so sorry to hear the news about your son.

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Thanks NZ. It's hard but it could be worse.

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Rest assured no one is as crafty as you CW !

Wow you are using the Works more than me ...

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Maybe it's a craftiness tie?


And I am not tapering drugs! I had already been using a sheet to calc people's scenarios but I don't know formulas schmormulas. I filled in each line manually. Never looked at The Works because I didn't know what it was. Why isn't it a sticky in Tapering? You could ask Karma, she's an Admin and still visits here, if you don't want to ask Alto. I don't think mods can make stickies but I may be wrong. I have to memorize it's on pg 16 of your thread. Not very efficient for helping people.


Dollar signs, had no idea..... You excel jockeys are my heroes.

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Tried to send you a PM for something I don't want in public (don't want to garbage up your thread) and it says you cannot use the messaging system. Never saw that error before. I gave some instructions on how to archive messages so people can clean out their boxes and get messages but that error does not seem to infer a full mailbox.


I have an email addy in my profile.

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pssst ...CW

 post #450

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don't want to garbage up your thread

Don't worry i have long since given up on keeping this thread clean of noise


So thats where the ginger cat went to ahhh!


The Works is in the just the right place ...the most important thread of all !!

I specifically asked for it not to moved...i wanted to ensure my 'views' counter kept ticking over in order that i might have a chance to keep up with you and Brassmonkey.


You have clearly missed my post about pms....i took the cheaper membership option that didn't include pms and limited me to 5 posts a day i expounded on the extras. Forgot where i put that post by the way ...lol


You have reminded me to do something i have been meaning to do ...sit down and make a notebook entry of my important post numbers.

Now thats something worth having a intro index page

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You could put a link to the post that lists your most important posts in your signature.  As prolific as you are on the site, more people will probably see nz11's important posts link in your sig than if the information was put in the index. :D

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You could put a link to the post that lists your most important posts in your signature.  As prolific as you are on the site, more people will probably see nz11's important posts link in your sig than if the information was put in the index. :D

Very clever idea.



I didnt think i was prolific...oh dear maybe i've had a relapse!

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No I did not mean to move it out of your thread, I meant to have a sticky thread in Tapering that can link to your post, if you prefer, or to the file itself.


View counts, schmiew counts (um why do you think I posted the cat vid today), and I took a screen capture out of it for the cat avatar. It cracks me up every time I look at it, balancing a Qtip on his nose. How much tuna did they have to bribe him with to get that shot?

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btdt do you know how on earth this company can still be allowed to operate?

ok but remember you asked and this me taking creative liberty...


Think of a whorehouse... they have a good deal going on they have legal standing in the community have dealt with it one way or another like Vegas ... it is legal in some parts..or they turn their head till something big goes down and the community goes into an uproar.  


Now lets suppose you have a lady of night who gets dead... for whatever reason lets say she was a bad actor or the caller was a bad actor... it will always be not the institution at fault because too much money is being made so there has to be a some calming of the waters.  


It will always be A the lady at fault or the B the one loan caller.. 


As in the drug or the illness.... 


Not anyone who collects the money or the taxes... and the spin will take it that way and the courts will stand by it for the most part when they don't stand by it there will be gag orders.


It is simple really and the same with any huge business run in essence by lawyers... politicians at some level are always at the trough. 


corruption is the only answer really but it seems corruption is the new norm. every man for himself and believe me in countries like Canada where we set out laws to be for the masses... we are really easy picking for people who have no integrity who were raised under different norms... taught a different way.  Here is all about the melting pot and how everyone is = but that is not showing up in how things are run not anymore.. yet the people resist.. with all their might try as they will I see things crumbling as the average Canadian and institutions are corrupted... it only takes a few to turn their head to corrupt the whole system... forget about gov't spending into poverty  so they need the tax $ from the huge corporations to the point they can't really dictate to them. There it is in a snapshot. Can you say lobbyists... with the lawyers they turn all things to suit themselves... and corporations being deemed to have the same rights as a person was one of the worst first steps... 


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Did you say you had all the pp posts?  All of mine and Altos were deleted anyway we can only be found at the pp site in quotes people made about what we said there. 


Speaking of pp I was looking up Grace Jackson today and found a video of Lori there talking about her experience with her son.  

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Sorry if that was wrong to mention on your thread ^.Your info on taking ADs whilst pregnant got me thinking. 


Given all the gut issues some past ssri users have it was suggested to me at one point to have a fecal transplant... I was looking at it today and found this bit about the use of said procedure for autism... in case your interested. 



I wish you peace

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ASD   also from vaccines,  I have 4 out of 9 grandkids with ASD,    doesnt run in the family, never has.                The only link is the sheer amount of vaccines given these days.     None of the parents of these grandkids of mine, have ever taken any psych drugs. Never taken any drugs,  nothing.


I do know that The Tdap  or Dtap in pregnancy is causing brain damage in some of the babies born,  yeah the microcephaly.      The zika is just bshit.   Dishonesty of course.          All those babies in Brazil, and many, many more in USA, microcephalic, all had a shot from 20 weeks in utero,    ie mums got the shot, so babies would supposedly not get whooping cough at birth.                            Basically vaccinating a baby in utero with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth, thats why babies arent vaccinated with this one till 8 weeks old.                                And of course, all the babies are being infected from the other ones vaccinated, they are near constant carriers, with no signs of illness.   The Dtap just stops the symptoms for around 3 years after a jab, they still spread it merrily for 3 years.                               


Then the vaccine fails, all the kids get whooping cough anyway.   I worked in pathology, I know these things.            ah, but the ones in authority?  All paid off, pharma is that damn corrupt.

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sorry to take over here NZ but why... vaccinate against whooping cough I had it as a kid I lived... I don't get it.. what am I missing?I had measles and chicken pox too Lord only knows what else. 

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Just wondering if you wrote about this on the site? I recall mention of some 'Study 329' but have yet to read it...


Oh darn, that's the last of the 5 part series that starts here. It was the title of it caught my eye.

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Hey NZ - I just sent you a PM but I don't know if you get PM's?  I thought you didn't, or you dumped them all.


I have a question that requires more than I can wrap my brain around, maybe you could help?  I know I can't get a definitive answer, but if I could find convincing evidence - anyhow - you hate the drugs, I hate the drugs.  


If you want to email me, it's publicly available:  w_o_w at optusnet.com.au


Hope this finds you well.

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How about an update , NZ .   :)  I would love to know how you're going and I can't remember the last time , if any that you did a report.  I think it would be helpful.  I hope all is well and that you're improving in " leaps & bounds" but it would be lovely to have some sort of progress update , just to see how you are traveling right now as you have been doing this for a while . It doesn't have to be positive - just honest .


You bring such a bright spark of light and laughter/ information to this site and help many - it would be nice to know . I really hope it's going well but if not then we can cheer you on !  


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okay!! !Who bumped my thread back to the front page...?

Oh it was the JC and the Alig....Hey guys whats the story bumpng old threads .....thats my job!! lol...


Alig this very day i am 5 years and 10 months drug free. May i ask that you hold on for  2 more months and i will do my 6 yr update then....

. Im not one for interim annual updates. Thank you for your patience.

Im gonna call this years update the good the bad and the ugly.


JC if you are asking for tourism advice in NZ i say 'go Queenstown' Bill Clinton fell in love with Queenstown!




2.55 am to ?

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Bill Clinton fell in love with Queenstown!




Clinton was quoted as saying, "I did not have sexual relations with Queenstown."


I guess it really was love. 





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