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For those who are feeling desperate or suicidal

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My uncle calls the Suicide Prevention Lifeline and just talks to them. They listen to him for hours if he needs to just talk. I think that these people want others to call no matter the crisis, just that the person calling is in need of someone to listen. After all, emotional distress to some people is a terrible crisis.


I've dealt with suicidal thoughts only recently due to problems with medications and the withdrawals afterward. It's very terrifying. I've made a promise to people that I would never do anything to get myself off this planet. I hate breaking promises and that keeps me going most times. Other times, I try to imagine those closest to me, their lives without me, and realize that they'd be emotionally crippled if I left. Your family loves you, your friends love you, the people on here love you, strangers love you, I love you. Someone somewhere loves you. Their world would be darker without you as their beam of light, even if it's just a single beam.


Think about those out there you have yet to meet, someone who needs you, whether it's simple advice or a lifelong friendship. We may be a drop in the sea, but we all make ripples, and those can turn into waves.


perfectly  explained and worded Dez.

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Some more lists of suicide hotlines:

Suicide hotlines outside of the USA


USA suicide hotlines


I'm sharing because I want all of us to continue fighting, even if it sometimes seems like we can't take it anymore. 
Sometimes, when I feel hopeless, I read success stories on here, but in crisis I'm contacting my doctor, local hospital or some suicide hotline. 

I recommend you the same. 

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